Thank you for your comments regarding the surcharge on your bill during your recent visit to NORMS. We appreciate your point-of-view and hope to take a moment of your time to provide some additional information.

In recent years, the overall cost of doing business in California has greatly increased. NORMS’ only intent is to continue offering everyday affordable specials such as the Bigger Better Breakfast and Four-Course Steak Meals, and maintain the portion sizes, that our guests have come to expect. Additionally, NORMS takes pride in maintaining the best possible working environment for our incredible team members. While we do understand that this approach is rather new locally, it is becoming more common in and around Los Angeles, and has been a common practice in other parts of California for several years.

Thank you again for taking the time to contact us and we hope that this helps to clarify our decision-making regarding the surcharge. We hope to see you again soon at NORMS.