NORMS Restaurants, a Southern California staple for more than 72 years, was challenged with remaining true to their brand and provide guests with a value proposition. Execs did not want to pass the burden of increased costs onto guests, who were accustomed to large portions with quality ingredients. For example, they offer a ¾ Lb. Cowboy T-Bone Steak with soup, salad, two sides, and a dessert for $17.99.

“In order to keep distribution costs in check, we partnered with our distributors and suppliers by being more flexible, consolidating delivery days, and allowing later delivery window times when needed,” VP of Food & Beverage David Cox told Modern Restaurant Management (MRM) magazine. “This, in turn, allowed them to leverage delivery routes and available labor, while also increasing drop sizes to offset fuel and labor costs.”

Cox says one way he is getting creative is by offering Limited Time Offers (LTOs).

“We have done things like utilizing less expensive cuts of meat – such as pork loins – and relying heavily on culinary innovation, in addition to increasing the frequency of the offers, all in an effort to entice our guests and continue to provide them with incredible value.”

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